Silence of God


But He answered her not a word……(Matt.15:23)KJV

What happens when we call unto our God and we don’t get an answer? Do we feel rejected? Do we feel denied? Do we wonder what God is teaching with the silence or do we think He is simply indifferent and unconcerned? When I was in school there were times when the teachers would prepare us for big test. They would spend all of the class time informing us of what was going to be on the test. The bigger the test the more time the teachers would take instructing. One week; two weeks and even nine weeks just to prepare for some test. Then when it was testing time the teacher would pass the test out to the students and then stand confident knowing that they had done everything possible to prepare us for the test, but now the teacher is silent. They are near but they are silent. If we had a question she would only say remember what I told you. You and I are being prepared every time we attend a bible study, Sunday school class; listen to an anointed sermon or spend time in personal study time with God. Then when we are tested and it seems as though God is silent; He is simply saying remember what I told you. We get busy looking for a new word when God is saying remember what I’ve already told you. In today’s scripture we find a woman coming to Jesus seeking answers and Jesus answers her not a word. This woman eventually gets her answer from Jesus, but she did experience silence. My point is don’t let the silence sidetrack you. Stay focused, for even though the teacher is silent He is still near you.

God Bless You;
Pastor Larry Charles

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